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YOOtheme – Crystal
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Join the YOOtheme club today!
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Here is our latest theme creation: Crystal! This theme comes with a super swish fixed menu bar on top of the site. Crystal also sets new standards in the use of PNG alpha transparencies. You can create stunning effects using multiple transparencies when you place transparent widgets on transparent backgrounds. It also comes with a great selection of background color variations and further you are able to easily apply your own custom background images.

“The new Warp theme framework is amazing!”

Crystal offers lots of different color variations for menu items, allowing you to style every page in a different color. The background color of the drop down menu also changes when you change a menu item’s item color. Of course, you can combine all menu item-based color variations with all theme color variations … variety galore!

By the way: We also wanted our ZOO component to fit into Crystal visually, so we included black CSS styles for ZOO. Now you can seamlessly integrate ZOO into the new YOOtheme Crystal template.

Warp5 Updates

We added some minor stuff to our Warp5 framework. The YOOmorph JavaScript allows now to use an ignoreSelector and we added some new module templates.

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Get this Warp5 based template and join the YOOtheme club today!

Sub Menu


The Warp theme framework now supports WordPress!

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Warp5 Framework

This template is based on the fast and powerful Warp5 framework. We provide a comprehensive documentation how everything work.

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Menu System

The menu system enhances Joomla's menu functions to create clearly arranged interfaces even for comprehensive sites.